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Just for Doctors | Accounting & Wealth Management Services

Consulting Services for Doctors

Take advantage of our 35 years of experience in advising medical corporations.

Our Solutions

Throughout the years many people have asked us for help, and because of our experience in the medical and incorporation fields, we have been able to continually provide both short-term and long-term support to doctors.

We understand that your schedule is tight and that some questions need urgent answers whereas other questions have more flexibility. In order to sustain and consistently improve our service to you, we have created 3 quick ways to fit your busy schedule, which are priced depending on the urgency.

Experience the ease of obtaining the right information you need, when and how you need it.

Just for Doctors

Just for Doctors Toolbox

This toolbox enables you to choose from a variety of different standard forms or checklists you need, tailored to your medical profession. Simply click on the required form and the link will give you to the payment form, after which your form in a. pdf format will be ready for download.

E-mail Consultation

E-mail Consultation

Your e-mail will be forwarded to a Purtzki Team Leader with the most expertise in dealing with issues / questions you presented. We will e-mail you with information and tell you how much the e-mail consultation will cost and how you can pay.

Once paid, we will send you detailed information to answer your concern as well as follow-up on your satisfaction.

Please send your inquiries to:

Phone-based Consultation

Phone-based Consultation

We recognize that many people prefer talking to someone about their issues, which is why we have created the Phone-based Consulting approach.

The approach is simple: choose a time which works best for you, contact us by phone or e-mail to let us know what type of information you need and when would be a good time to call you back. The price for this service is $300 / hour with a minimum of 20 minutes required. Please allow 24 hours for coordination.

1-on-1 Consultation

1-on-1 Consultation

We are also available to provide one-on-one consulting if required, wherever and whenever. We will make arrangements to visit you or you can visit us in one of our locations. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.